Parent and Teacher Participant Evaluations

“I learned how to be a better parent by listening and communicating better with my children.”

“I now instill in my children that whatever they do in life is their own choice.”

“I have the power to do in life what ever I want. This was the most important thing I ever learned in my life.”

“What I learned from this program was that how you relate to the issue is the issue! When you come across a situation you are the only one who can make it as drastic as you want to be.”

“I learned that it was better to share than hold things inside.”

“I have learned to be a Masterful Listener. This has helped me to be more open with my children. I have been able to take their feelings into consideration, to empathize and be a better person and a better teacher.”

“This course has been very useful to me, because it has taught me that by taking better care of myself I am taking better care of my students.”

“I learned that instead of passive or aggressive you can be assertive. This was news to me!”

“I wish every teacher could have the opportunity to attend this class! Everything is much clearer now.”

“But a teacher must have the inside feelings of self worth and respect for oneself before they can expect anyone else to learn from and respect them.”

“It’s my responsibility to make the classroom a caring and homelike environment for the children. You taught me this.”

“Prior to doing this course l was a selective listener. In other words I listened to what I wanted to listen to. Now I am learning and practicing listening to others without interrupting. This has changed my life.”

“I have found that my students are coming to me more with their problems and situations because I am practicing Masterful Listening.”

“In practicing the skills of listening, acceptance and forgiveness that I have learned in this course, I have become a more thorough and compassionate teacher.”

“I choose peace over war and all the techniques to establish this peace. Since I began using Masterful Parenting technique with my students, the atmosphere in my courses has become much more peaceful.”

“The words you teach; Create, Promote, Allow, is something everyone already knows, but we just don’t recognize it in our life. Once we take control, once we feel we are responsible for everything that happens, then we have a part in it. If we face that first as opposed to blaming, we will succeed. This is very powerful.”

“What I got out of this class was the ability to stop and look at a situation prior to reacting. Now I really think about what I want as the outcome and then decide to act.”

“Usually, when I get into a problem I just go for the throat. This course has shown me how to take a step back and let the person say what they have to say. Now I can relax and focus on what the problem really is instead of doing something I would be sorry about later. Thank you so much.”

“The focus of the class was right on. As a parent I think I was focused a lot more on my childs’ behavior than on my own. And on my childs’ reaction to things more than on my own reaction. This class allowed me to refocus my attention on myself and see how important that is with regard to my relationship with my daughter. This will change our lives.”

“Before reading this book I had a completely different idea about what acceptance was. I have not only become a better parent but a better leader in my community by understanding acceptance and seeing how when I put my “shoulds” on people it just creates separation.”

“In life we really need someone to show us the way. This book was my guide.”

“I learned to listen. Before I used to just dismiss my child when she came to me with questions. Now I use those moments to really listen and teach her. What would I have done without you, Dr. Marc?”