For the past 23 years, Education for Excellence has offered Masterful Parenting Training®, a dynamic growth and development course based on the premise that, as parents, “we teach who we are”. This uplifting and inspiring course supports parents in developing essential life skills they can teach their children by example—skills such as:
• Exercising conscious choices rather than habitual emotional responses
• Taking responsibility instead of blaming others
• Connecting through listening
• Communicating assertively rather than passively or aggressively
• Accepting instead of judging
• Having forgiveness and empathy for oneself and others instead of vengefulness and hatred
• Recognizing, as a way of Overcoming, stifling beliefs and past conditioning
• Practicing and providing life enhancing nutrition and stress reducing techniques

Dr. Marc Rosenbaum, holds an advanced degree in Applied Psychology and is the founder and director of Education for Excellence, an organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of children through parent and teacher education and empowerment. For the past 23 years, as a way of forwarding that visions, Education for Excellence has presented social/emotional learning programs to more than 5000 New York City, California and Colombia South American parents and teachers.
His books, Masterful Parenting…The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read, El Arte de Ser Padres and Education for Transformation serve as the curriculum guide and foundation for these programs.

This workshop begins on April 28 and continues for six consecutive Tuesday evenings from 6:30-9:00 pm.
The fee to attend the six sessions is $225 for one participant and $300 for a couple.

Fee to attend the six sessions