“We have consistently found that the best way to foster the development of social, emotional and academic competency for children is to educate the people who have the greatest influence on their lives. In other words, we teach who we are… children learn by observing their parents and teachers.”

Dr. Marc Rosenbaum

In 1992, with an advanced degree in psychology and more than 30 years of study with numerous practitioners in the human potential movement as a foundation, Dr. Marc Rosenbaum developed the Self Mastery social and emotional learning curriculum. After presenting the program for three years to parents and students in Santa Barbara, California, he returned to New York City where he was awarded an Annenberg grant and the position of Director of Parent and Teacher Training for the Center of Educational Innovation. For the next three years, he presented his program to hundreds of New York City public school parents and teachers. In 1998, he founded Education for Excellence and assembled a team of experienced facilitators with diverse backgrounds.

Over the past 19 years, Education for Excellence programs have influenced the lives of more than 4000 public school parents, teachers, and students in New York City, Los Angeles, and throughout Colombia South America.

Dr. Rosenbaum found that children thrive in a more loving and supportive home and school environment as parents and teachers learn and embody the principles presented in the Education For Excellence Programs.

  • Conscious Choice rather than habitual emotional response.
  • Taking Responsibility instead of blaming others.
  • Acceptance instead of judgment.
  • Assertive Communication rather than habitual passivity or aggression.
  • Forgiveness and Empathy for oneself and others instead of hatred.
  • Enhanced self-esteem as a foundation for abundance at every level.
  • Release blocks and beliefs that are preventing us from having the life that we deserve.

His book, Masterful Parenting, provides the foundation for the Parent Leadership Trainings®. The Spanish version, El Arte de Ser Padres, has been distributed in five countries throughout South America by Planeta Publishing and in Spain by Granada Press. A second cartoon based parenting book is currently being completed.

Dr. Rosenbaum is an adjunct professor at Touro College where his book, Education for Transformation, is the text used for his three-credit Masters in Education course.